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About Me

I am a self -taught photographer and Montessori teacher, residing in Saipan, who has had a fascination and relationship with photography since the age of 8.   With camera in tow at all times, I am always on the search for those special moments and subjects to capture…from decay to elegance, from street scenes to people and everything in between.  If the subject awakens me in any way, I capture it!


As a teacher, photographer and artist, I embrace the lessons, challenges, and creativity that help keep me fresh in mind, vision and spirit.  My openness and awareness of the world around me are just a few of the traits that encourage me to capture a range of subjects and moments, naturally and spontaneously.


I have recently launched into Child/Family Photography.  Capturing spontaneous moments with little equipment and in natural settings is what I achieve for my clients.  I works to understand you and learn about your photographic desires on a personal level.  Then, completely engaged with my clients in the field, I allow the moments to unfold and the subjects to blossom, capturing the moments they have always wanted to freeze for time immemorial. 


May the photos in my portfolio help you see something new.  May they also allow you to relish in their familiarity, mystique, beauty and rawness.


My images can be purchased in black & white or color, unframed, and in a variety of sizes.  


Please contact me to book your next photography session, to place an order or to inquire about special/custom orders and pricing.  


I look forward to working with you!

Contact Me

Tel: 670.789.4122

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