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When is payment due?

A deposit of 50%  of the portrait fee and a signed copy of the Portrait Agreement are required in order to reserve a Portrait Session Date.  The remaining balance of the Portrait Fee is due on the day of the Client's Portrait Session, and is payable before the shooting begins.  This fee includes the time, talent and creative editing of the photographer.


What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, I accept cash, check or money order.

When can we expect to receive the photos we ordered?

Within 3-4 weeks after you have placed your order with me is when you can expect to receive your digital files.  This time frame allows me to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of pictures that you and your family are seeking.

Do you shoot digitally or with film?

I shoot digitally.


Do you offer black & white images?

Any photo may be turned into black and white.  If you would like any black and white images, please let me know.  Certain pictures do appear better (and more artistic and timeless) when processed in black and white.

Will we see every image that you shoot during our session?

You will see every edited image from your session or event, which is not every image taken.  I often take several images in order to get one or two deliverable images for a pose or setting.  Your fee includes the photographer’s talent and expertise at selecting and editing images.


Can we post the images you take on to an internet site, like Facebook?
You may, but a tag must be posted with it giving credit to Naked Eye Photography/Diana M. Silveira.


In the event of an outdoor photo session, if the weather doesn't cooperate, what are our options?

My goal is to always give my clients images that will make them happy.  Therefore, two options are available:

1.  Move the photo session to an indoor location, if this is possible, OR

2.  Reschedule the photo session for another date/time that is mutually agreed upon and available.

What happens in the event of unforeseen circumstances (i.e., illness, injury, hospitalization)?

Things happen in life which cannot be foreseen.  Please contact me as soon as possible so that the photo shoot can be rescheduled based on availability.

If you need to cancel/reschedule for any other reason, please give at least 48 hours notice, otherwise your session fee will be forfeited.


What kind of location should we choose for our photo session?

Because I am a natural-light photographer, I absolutely recommend an outdoor location whenever possible.  The vast amount of light outdoors ensures camera settings that will yield the highest quality images for printing.  This may not be possible with newborns but because of a newborn's size and immobility the next best option is to place them near a window to get the desired lighting qualities.  

For older babies, children, and families, consider the following type of locations, which can work well and rarely require a photography permit or usage fee:

  • home

  • historical sites

  • parks/playground

  • beach

  • restaurants


Your session should reflect your family's style and character.  Please note that some locations (i.e., restaurants, coffee shops, etc.) may not allow a photo shoot, or they may require a permit/fee.  If you selsect a location which requires a permit/facility fee, this is your responsibility to obtain/pay for, in addition to the session fee.


What time of day do you schedule your sessions?
For outdoor sessions, the optimal time for the best light is about two hours before sunset.  I try to schedule my session at this time whenever possible.  Indoor newborn sessions are generally scheduled in the late morning to early afternoon, to take advantage of the greatest amount of indoor light possible.

What about wardrobe?

It is best to pick clothing that is comfortable and simple, without logos, numbers or words as these detract from the overall image.  While simple clothing is always safe, fun & funky, embellished and textured clothing can also photograph really well and add to the charm and character of your photo session as do carefully chosen hats and scarves.


In terms of footwear, please choose safe and comfortable shoes.  Barefoot can be fun, too!


Newborns are best photographed nude (but strategically positioned of course).  For pictures with older babies and children, textures like chunky knits, denim, linen or corduroy are great.  For adults or family shots, simple solids work best.  Small, subtle patterns are fine.  Try to coordinate color schemes, but do not try to match your outfits.  If you find yourself overwhelmed by picking outfits for the whole family, dressing in white shirts of different styles and blue jeans/khakis is always a classic look.  

Should I/we get haircuts right before the photo shoot?

I recommend a haircut about 1-2 weeks prior to the photo shoot.  I also recommend that you avoid a complete hairstyle change unless you are absolutely certain that you will like it.

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